How to Make Sure That Your Performance Car Has the Correct Oil Delivery System

Do you consider yourself to be a sporty driver who likes to wring every last ounce of performance from their souped-up car? If so, you may be always on the lookout for certain tweaks and tips to help you enjoy your time behind the wheel and to ensure that your car can keep up with your passion. You may be particularly concerned with the engine and want to ensure that it does not fail when it is under load. Consequently, you may wonder how you can maintain the perfect oil delivery system at all times. Should you add some extra fluid to avoid starvation, reduce the level to make sure that you maintain performance or do something completely different?

Extra Oil?

Driving enthusiasts are often at a quandary when it comes to the perfect amount of oil in their engine. They may understand the risks associated with starvation, as oil moves around in the sump pan when the vehicle is subject to gravitational forces. They may be tempted to fill up the sump so that there is always sufficient oil, no matter how quickly they go around a particular sequence of corners.

Too much oil in the sump however can also cause higher engine oil temperatures, especially if the pan itself is simply too small for the extra volume.

… Or Less?

On the other hand, they may understand that a concept known as "windage" can take place in the crankcase if the oil level is too high and they may be tempted to reduce it to avoid this phenomenon. Windage is turbulence created when spray from the oil mixes with the airflow created by piston movement. It can drain the engine's power or cause it to overwork. Either situation can result in poor performance and possible damage.

Best Approach

Ideally, you should stick to the recommended level as indicated by the manufacturer and refrain from experimentation. It's best to change some components instead and most notably the engine sump pan.

See if you can get a performance version for your engine and especially one that has extra oil capacity wings. These can usually be fitted to your vehicle without affecting its ground clearance and will help your engine cope more effectively with the aforementioned windage. You'll be able to introduce additional oil pickups to make sure that your engine receives the right amount of oil under all performance situations.

Finding a Solution

Ask your supplier about upgraded oil pans or other parts, such as Aeroflow performance parts.