Trailer Bodies: Types and Uses

Running logistics and office work are challenging tasks for business owners. To make sure the job gets done, you need the help of good tools such as trailers.

A good trailer is, however, a significant investment for your business, so choosing the right trailer body is crucial.

The following are a few trailer body types to help with your choice.

Flat-Top Trailer

A flat-top trailer has a platform body mounted on a chassis. The length and material of the floor of flat-top trailers vary.

Flat-top trailers are versatile because they can haul various materials, even items with odd shapes. Additionally, flat-top trailers are easy to load and unload with forklifts or overhead cranes because they feature an open back and sides. 

Flat-top bodies are also suitable for add-ons. Therefore, flat-top trailers are a good starting point when building a custom body.

Drop-Deck Trailer

Drop-deck, also known as step-deck, trailers consist of an upper deck and a low-lying rear section. When the height of a load is a concern, step-deck trailers often serve as an alternative to flat-top trailers. 

With their additional height capacity, drop-deck trailers have become one of the most popular methods of transport. The trailers often haul building materials, agricultural materials, and a variety of machinery.

Curtain Side Trailer

A solid top, back and front and hanging tarps on each side are features of curtain side trailers. Curtain sides are a great choice for transporting cargo that requires protection from the weather. 

The tarps serve as a seamless barrier to protect the cargo from the elements like weather, rain, dirt and debris. Palletised commodities, raw materials like lumber, and moisture-sensitive machinery may benefit from such a trailer.

Dry Vans Trailers

Also known as enclosed trailers, dry vans have a container to enclose the load. The trailer box protects the load from the elements and any security risks. As a result, you won't incur any additional costs for tarps.

In addition, you can transport almost anything with the trailer by building shelves and storage cabinets inside the enclosed container. 

Refrigerated Trailers

Refrigerated trailers, also called temperature-controlled trailers or reefers, have insulated refrigerator box bodies. Either the main engine or a separate engine powers the refrigerator body.

A temperature-controlled environment is ideal when transporting any materials that are sensitive to temperature. The most common loads include fruit, pharmaceuticals and flowers.

Choosing the right type of trailer body can be challenging, especially if your work changes often. Therefore, understand what you expect from a trailer before committing to one. However, if you cannot find the right trailer from the options available, you can consider custom trailer bodies.