Single Versus Tandem Axle Trailers: Can You Make the Right Choice for Domestic Use?

Most vehicle owners can easily overlook the importance of a trailer on their vehicle. They are not to blame though, owning a car and the accessories that come with it is often a learning process for millions of people. Trailers are great for those who want to tow heavy and oddly shaped items that cannot fit in the vehicle's cabin. Lots of work goes into finding a trailer that suits your vehicle's attributes. Make the right choice, and you will have a trailer that serves you well at minimum costs. A wrong decision will prove too much for your vehicle and pocket. The following piece explores single and tandem axle trailers to help you make an informed decision:

Single Axle Trailers

Just as the name alludes, a single-axle trailer comes with one drop leaf axle made using robust springs. The springs connect to a pair of tyres on both sides of the trailer for stability. When you get one from a good manufacturer, a single axle trailer can be tough and dependable, often meeting the cut for your domestic travels. These units have several advantages such as:

  • Cost friendliness — a single-axle trailer has the most straightforward construction and combination of components. This translates to a small number of parts that require replacement, repair and lubrication, driving the running costs down.
  • Ideal for vehicles with a small towing capacity — if you want a trailer you can tow behind small trucks and family utility vehicles, look no further than a single axle trailer. You will get an outstanding balance between size and fuel economy.

Tandem Axle Trailers

A tandem or double-axle trailer comes with two axles connected to two pairs of tyres on both sides of the trailer. Indeed, the first thing that comes to mind about this setup is the added sense of security during a tyre burst. The extra tyre can hold the fort as you proceed with towing for a while. Additionally, there is an element of increased stability as the extra set of tyres protect the trailer from crosswinds.

Final Word

The choice between a single and tandem axis trailer can be a tough one for many vehicle owners. However, the single-axis trailer stands out as the best alternative for domestic uses. The single-axis trailers are easy to manoeuvre in urban environments, making them great for use in residential places. On the other hand, the double-axis ones are suitable for heavy-duty commercial tasks.