Common Causes of Problems During Reupholstery Projects

It is important for you to know where problems can emerge from when you want to replace the upholstery on your furniture. Knowing those problem areas will enable you to take steps to ensure that your project isn't affected by those avoidable issues. This article discusses some of the factors that frequently cause problems when furniture is being re-upholstered.

Unclear Expectations

One of the biggest causes of problems during re-upholstery projects is the lack of clarity in what a client wants. Some clients just decide that they want to re-upholster their furniture and find the nearest upholsterer available. Conflicts can easily arise in case the client complains about the work that was done if he or she didn't specify what the upholsterer should do. Such conflicts can be avoided by thinking carefully about your goals so that you can communicate your wishes clearly before the project begins. For example, stipulate the desired durability of the upholstery fabric so that the upholsterer gives you a realistic quote for the cost of the materials or work.

Lack of Written Work Orders

Problems can also arise in case the upholsterer that you selected didn't write a detailed work order before starting the re-upholstery project. Detailed work orders are good because they capture the specifics of what needs to be done in a given time frame. For example, the client may want the upholsterer to add more padding to the cushions. Work orders ensure that all those details will be captured and worked upon. The work order also provides a reminder of the time within which the work should be completed. Insist on getting a copy of the detailed work order so that you remove any chance of misunderstandings arising regarding the particulars of the job.

Mismatched Upholsterers and Clients

Not every upholsterer is ideal for taking on every re-upholstery project. For example, some clients may wish for the very best materials and techniques to be used when restoring their furniture. Such clients may be mismatched if they assign the project to someone who prides in using the cheapest materials and methods when restoring furniture. It is therefore vital for you to do your homework so that you select the upholsterer will be a good match to deliver what you want.

Many of the problem areas above can be avoided by taking your time when searching for a commercial upholsterer. Contact several professionals and discuss your needs so that you select the expert whose skills match what you want.