Choosing A New Car Seat Cover Can Help With Existing Medical Conditions: Two Things You Should Know!

It is common knowledge that using a car seat cover is the most effective way of protecting your seats from the excessive wear and tear that they will experience at the hands of people and pets. But, before you head out and order your new car seat covers, did you know that the choice of seat cover material can make a big difference to your comfort if you suffer from certain medical maladies?

Here are two things you should know while you are discussing the design of your new car seat covers with your automotive specialist:

Sheepskin Car Seat Covers

No matter why type of Australian climate you live in, sheepskin suits the temperature that you are experiencing because it will warm you up during the winter months, but also keeps you cool in the summer because it immediately absorbs any sweat you are experiencing. Medically, sheepskin is a great choice for the following ailments:

  • As the sheepskin fibres touch your skin, they stimulate your nerve endings and this helps to improve the rate of your blood circulation. This is beneficial to any person with circulatory problems.
  • Because sheepskin immediately absorbs the sweat on the body, eczema and other rash sufferers benefit from not having sweat irritate existing rashes, or lead to new ones.
  • The lanolin contained within sheepskin helps to keep the skin soft, which prevents the skin from drying out and cracking during the summer months.

However, not all people love sheepskin because of the way the fluffy fibres feel against their skin. In which case, leather may be the alternative worth considering.

Leather Car Seat Covers

Some people, particularly those who suffer from allergies, may find the dust that gets clogged in sheepskin fibres means this product is on the no-go list for their new car seat covers. In this particular instance, leather is a valid choice instead. Leather is hypoallergenic in that it is a lot less likely to trap pet dander or dust mites as easily as the fabric or sheepskin covers do.

Additionally leather can be cleaned a lot faster that sheepskin products can. A quick wipe with a damp rag will get rid of any skin irritants, but sheepskin needs to be removed and aired to get the same clean effect.

Keeping these points in mind when you're considering your new car seat covers will make a big difference between treating your medical conditions with care compared to irritating existing issues and making them worse. Now that you know which car seat material is best for you, you can get on with the task of arranging for them to be made.

To learn more, contact a company that works in custom made seat covers.